So, taking appropriate food in your diet will help to prevent so many illnesses. Therefore we are discussing Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, & their utility in managing disorders and it's Rich food source to modify diet. For better assimilation of this food, useful Homeopathic medicines are also  mentioned here 

There are over 50 vitamins, minerals & amino acids that can keep you healthy & fit.use them through natural resources!

How much do you really need? 

Your body needs only small amounts of vitamins & minerals. Because what the body manufactures is often not enough, these must be obtained from your diet & supplements. 

The Best Sources: A balanced diet is the most sensible way of getting a sufficient quantity of these nutrients, to enable you to build a strong Immunity system for a healthier,& a more active Life. 

We here will discuss one by one, all the Rich & Natural sources of all nutrient foods. I would be happy to share useful medicines to enhance its assimilation. 

Your body's Natural Protectors:

  • Vit. A - defends against infections.
  • Vit. C - battles viruses &bacteria.
  • Vit. B6 - bolsters your immune system.
  • Vit. E - prevents Age-related Decline.

Second Best Medicine to enhance its assimilation in the body. Calc.Phos 3x. Its appropriate dose should be taken in consultation with your family Doctor.