Like any other infections, children’s teeth are more prone to decay. High rate of teeth decay can be because of the following reasons:

1.    Incorrect brushing habits

2.    Unhealthy food habits, like eating too much sugar, candies, wafers, and chips, etc.

3.    Shaking the baby tooth which are on the verge of shedding off

4.    Soreness of gums due to growth of new tooth

5.    Basic structure of the tooth with finer pits and crevices

6.    Inability of parents to identify teeth problems

How to ensure that your kids always have a healthy smile

  • Explain to the child the importance of their teeth

  • Inculcate proper brushing as well as FLOSSING habits

  • Ensure regular dental check-ups

  • If your child has a sweet tooth, make it a habit of providing some one time in a day

  • Use high fluoride tooth paste under strict parent supervision

  • Make your child aware about milk teeth and permanent teeth that are present in their mouth

  • Get “Flouridation Treatment” done once every year