In this age of fast food supplies, people prefer to have Pizzas and burgers and such other food which makes them obese. In case of obesity, excess fats gets accumulated around the organs which affect the muscles and weakens the immune system. A high percentage of body fats will lead to further medical complications and Knee Replacement Surgery is one among them.

Total Knee Replacement Surgery is very complex and has a very serious impact on a patient’s life, before and after surgery. This may also require a patient to mentally prepare himself or herself and would have to undergo some tests and pre-operative evaluations before the surgery. One has to consult an Orthopedic Surgeon who will give his advice and suggestions. Such a patient will have to do Pre-admission tests two or three weeks before the procedure, which may include physical examination, complete blood count to rule out anaemia, urinalysis testing and coagulation test to determine if blood clots normally. A doctor may also request for an MRI scan to figure out the exact condition of the knee. The doctor will also examine and adjust the prescription if one is taking any medications for the knee. The Doctor might also prescribe anti-coagulants to make surgery painless.

Experts say that the major effect of the surgery will be an infection, particularly for those who have weak immune systems. A doctor might ask a patient to take prophylaxis against infections. A Doctor may also ask you to stop the consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Naproxen or ibuprofen. Tylenol can be consumed for any relief from pain or discomfort. This is to ensure that one does not face post-operative bleeding complications. A medical expert can also ask a patient about blood bank.

Many people who undergo Total Knee Replacement Treatment need a transfusion. Nutrition will play a vital role in the pre-surgery stage of the procedure. Eating fewer carbohydrates and more of proteins will help in making the muscles strong and healthy which will later help in recovery. Calcium supplements are suggested either in a natural or artificial way, in order to strengthen ligaments and tendons. Muscles like glutes, quadriceps, calves must be strengthened before surgery which will help achieve faster and better recovery post surgery. Strong muscles will help the body adapt to the implanted area and withstand rehabilitation better. The exercises may include thigh squeezes, hamstring curls, core strengthening exercises, which will further help the body to be fit and will enable it to heal better post surgery.

This procedure will last for a minimum seven to eight months or even a year from the time one decides to undergo the surgery. This period will allow a person to prepare himself or herself mentally and physically to go in for the surgery. Knee Replacement Surgery Treatment is little complicated but its worth doing it, say doctors.