Holi is a colourful festival. It is a festival of love, a festival of colours!

Holi is celebrated by throwing Holi colours and water at each other, which is fun filled. But after the festival, we are all dealing with a lot of skin and hair problems. Due to a lot of synthetic colours, most people have rashes, itching, hair damage and other health problems.

Want to avoid from these problems? Follow these pre & pro skin & hair care tips for Holi:

Pre Holi Tips

Avoid artificial colours

Play holi only with natural colours since they are easy to wash and it does not strain/ harm your skin. Artificial synthetic colours definitely will cause burning sensation when exposed to sun. And we all know that Holi can be enjoyed only when it is played in the open, thus it is very important to choose the right colours.

Moisturise your skin

Before going out, be sure to moisturize your skin. Wear heavy SPF sunscreen lotion all over the exposed body parts - face, hands, shoulders and legs too. If you wish, you can apply coconut oil or olive oil mildly on your skin. Oiling the skin will help you get rid of the Holi colours smoothly and easily. The colours will not penetrate through the pores of the skin and hence you can save yourselves from redness or rashes.

Oil your hair

Oil your hair! This will help in moisturising your hair and prevent Holi colours from seeping into your scalp. Apply coconut oil in your hair. This will make hair stronger and more resilient to the damage caused by Holi colours.

Post Holi tips


Clean your skin immediately after you have enjoyed playing Holi. Cleanse with natural oil or cleanser milk. Cleansing will help you avoid skin rashes, acne and other allergic problems. Also apply it in your hair to prevent hair fall.

Mask your skin and hair

Apply a fruit mask on your skin after you have taken a bath & gotten rid of the Holi colours. It will not only nourish your skin, but also reduce the burning sensation. Similarly, you can use a hair mask for better nousirhment of the hair after Holi.