Mental issues are mostly uncertain. The effect can be serious if not addressed on time. In the early times, it used to be considered as a stigma following which people used to mask the situation to secure their integrity in the society. This has led to increase in the number and effect of mental illness. Even though people were willing to seek help, but just to safeguard the family name, they used to hide the facts.

However, in today’s modern world, where everything is available on the tip of the finger, seeking any professional help is lacking.  Why so?

Most probably, there is an association of the following with our wiliness:

  • Fear of rejection by society

  • Shame of being mentally week

  • Lack of awareness

  • Distrust or confidentiality issues

  • Problem in addressing the issue

  • Don’t know exactly whom to approach

So such factors are very obvious to come to a mind. But they are not the ultimate truth. And if one has to get out of the vicious circle of any mental issues or is not able to cope, must seek professional help. In this regards, willingness is very needed.