In osteoporosis, bones become thin and fragile. In this weakness, muscles are also involved as they become weak with aging. This weakening of muscles and bone collectively leads to changes in posture. Bad posture can be a sign of osteoporosis, therefore, should not be overlooked. Some common postural problems are listed below.


Stooped posture or kyphosis is often seen in osteoporosis due to loss of height of the anterior part of vertebrae. It could be due to the microfracture of vertebral bodies. Severe kyphotic posture may cause low back pain and limited movements. It may also lead to hump formation in back.

Loss of height

Due to the reduction in vertebral height and stooped posture, there is a considerable height reduction. Height reduction is a sign of weak bones and especially a weak backbone. It is important to notice height reduction and see a doctor to avoid any pathological fracture. 

Rounded shoulders

Due to muscle weakness, shortening and stooped posture shoulders get rounded anteriorly. It causes pain in the shoulder and neck. It may cause changes in neck alignment and can even cause a breathing compromise. 

Osteoporosis can severely affect posture and cause balance problems. It can cause a fall and subsequently lead to fractures. In order to avoid fracture, proper care of posture is required.