Immediately after any major surgery there occurs shivering in the patient. Have you ever wondered why this shivering occurs in the patient? Have you anytime worried if this shivering was a major complication?

Then, here is the answer!

3 Major factors causing shivering immediately after a surgery:

1) The anaesthetic medications given before and during the surgery causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, so the core temperature of the body is transferred to the skin which gets evaporated easily. This increased heat loss from the body is the major cause of shivering postoperatively.

2) During operation, IV Fluids are continuously infused to the patient and this leads to postoperative shivering.

3) The Operation Theatre is fixed with AC. So this is also another cause for shivering.

Doctor's Words:

This condition is commonly seen in all the patients so it is not a complication and hence patient and the relatives need not worry.

The patient is covered well with warm blankets and will only be shifted to the ward once he becomes normal.