Under Eye Problems

Under eye circle, wrinkle, puffiness, swelling, etc. are very common problems these days, seen in youth and adults. There are different reasons for dark circles, wrinkles, puffiness, swelling, among both men and women.

Fatigue, agency stress, product uses, dehydration, genetics, sun exposure, etc. are the most common causes for under eye bags and puffiness. 

Here is a list of popular treatment options available for treating under eye skin problems:

1. Chemical peel

2. Laser

3. Mesotherapy

4. Eye cell treatment

5. PRP

6. Fillers

7. Radio frequency

1. Chemical Peel

- It’s a safe and effective treatment for dark circle, wrinkles and puffiness. Chemical peel is applied topically which reduce and remove the pigmentation and signs of agency.

- It reduces the pigmentation around eyes, increases blood circulation and cell turnover; thus there is a significant change in the area but according to the severity of the condition number of sessions are decided.

2. Laser Treatment

- A laser light beam is passed over the surface of the skin to reduce dark circles and wrinkles as a result of ageing. Different kind of lasers are used to treat the conditions like (CO2, Q Switch, IPL) to get rid of hyperpigmentation. 

Benefits of Laser treatment:

1.  Decreased wrinkles

2.  Stimulates the growth of few collagen

3.  Recovers skin tone

4.  Tightens skin

3. Mesotherapy

-Mesotherapy can significantly improve the colour of dark circles under the eye and also reduce the size of the fatty bags. These are tiny micro injections or an electroporation and it is a painless treatment. Results are usually seen after 2 procedures and it is 

4. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

- Platelet Plasma eye rejuvenation, or PRP is a cosmetic, non-surgical process that tightens the skin around your eye to give you a more youthful appearance and this process includes taking a small amount of blood from your arm and then separating the red blood cells and plasma so that the plasma rich in platelets can be injected skin around the eyes or applied topical. 

5. Fillers

- It’s a non-surgical cosmetic procedure for dark circles, wrinkles, sagging, hollowness around the eyes. A quick, easy and painless treatment; this a USFD approved treatment whose results are long lasting - one session treatment effect last for 12 -14 months.

6. Radio Frequency for under eye

- Radio frequency rejuvenation treatment can reverse the effects of time and growing on the skin around the eyes. This causes a buildup of heat around the area to increase the collagen production and stimulates the growth of new collagen to replace the dull and older skin. The end result is firm and radiant even skin around your eye.

- Duration of treatment is minimum 30 minutes.