Different researches and studies have shown several diseases associated with poor oral hygiene, 75% is associated to cause liver cancer. Liver plays a important role in eliminating bacteria from our body though, the biological mechanism of disease is still uncertain. One reason accounted is that there is a major role of the oral and gut microbiome in disease development.

Patients with higher number of missing teeth or wobbly teeth may not consume proper diet which can alter their regular diet. Such patients starts to consume soft food making it less nutritious and limiting the healthy supplements in it which effects the overall function of the body and increasing the risk for liver cancer.

Oral manifestations in patients with affected Liver:

  1. Bleeding gums with swelling (gingivitis)
  2. Dry mouth (xerostomia)
  3. Clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism)
  4. Crusted perioral rash
  5. Smooth and atrophic tongue

Steps to keep a good oral hygiene:

  1. Brush twice daily followed by flossing, as recommended by the doctor. Usage of soft bristle toothbrush can help you to keep the deposits away from the tooth surface.
  2. Make regular dental visit to keep a check on your teeth and gums. Patients who have been making routine visits at dental office since very long are less likely to be in the radar of any systemic disease caused by poor oral health.
  3. Avoid smoking, tobacco chewing and consumption of alcohol. This not only leads to oral problems but also is directly harmful to the body. All the above habits can directly increase the risk of liver disease even if the effects in the oral cavities are minimal.
  4. Maintain a good healthy living by making some modifications in lifestyle and food. Consume nutritious food, mainly rich in calcium and proteins which can help you lower the risk of liver cancer.