India is soon going to introduce IPV, the injection of polio in addition to polio drops which your child has been getting over these years. The present trivalent polio vaccine will also be replaced by bivalent vaccine which does not contain P2 type. Though P2 strain was eradicated in india in 1999 yet its use as part of oral polio vaccine has been causing the disease itself , called the vaccine derived polio. Till date about 44 such cases have been identified. 

Hence, to prevent such cases, there is a need to give polio injection and stop giving P2 containing polio drops. This will add a certainty to the final touches to the fight against polio. Remember that polio free status is not irreversible. Should such a case arise, India would loose the status immediately. It is also important since India shares its borders with Pakistan, one of the three countries are still endemic for polio disease.

Lets make the society more safe for next generations. Lets get vaccinated with a polio injection.