It still remains a fact that constipation and excessive straining during defecation leads to ano rectal problems like Fissure in ano, PILES etc. Here are few do's and don'ts to prevent/manage/cure it through Ayurveda/Yoga. 

DO'S -

  • Plenty of fluids, rich in fiber diet, buttermilk, fresh fruits/juices
  • Passage of stools[timely] using Indian toilet system 
  • Pranayama[anuloma viloma]/Physical exercises  
  • Prevent unhygienic conditions by washing properly
  • Proctologist consultation at the earliest if constipation, pain/bleeding during passing stools


  • Pizza, burger, junk foods
  • Pan/deep fried, spicy foods, tobacco, alcohol
  • Passage of stools in western toilet system
  • Pressurised defecation[strainful passing of stools]
  • Procuring sedentary life style, withholding the urge