A stroke may often end up damaging part of the brain that regulates movement, so it may lead to paralysis or weakness on either side of the body. This can cause problems in performing routine activities such as moving from one place to another. Once a stroke occurs, the brain is unable to regenerate cells that have been damaged. 

The physiotherapists carries out a detailed assessment of your condition and needs band then designs your treatment plan:  

  1. They will work understanding your requirements and plan accordingly so that the recovery is not impaired.  
  2. They provide information about the correct postures that you need to maintain during sleeping and sitting.  
  3. They help in improving your  GAIT and assess and guides you for any external devices to be used and its type. Perform therapy to strengthen your limbs.  
  4. Advise you on various techniques which you can adopt to return in a normal lifestyle again. 

We understand our patient’s needs and therefore uses latest techniques and equipments like FES (functional electrical stimulation), Body Weight Harness System for improving the gait and techniques like Acupressure which helps you in easy and early recovery. The bottom line is to be active member with your physiotherapist. Once the initial assessment is done, the physiotherapist will give you certain exercises to improve your mobility. Problems with maintaining body balance and Gait are the most common problems that you may experience once you have suffered a stroke. So, the physiotherapist will focus on these areas, keeping your condition in mind.