Permanent Makeup to explain in layman's language is enhancing your facial features by using inks and injections. This would for sure relieve you from a long makeup task, cleansing and reapplying procedures. How peacefully will it be if once you did your eyebrows and then you never had to worry about or not to care about reapplying your lipstick? 

Well, Permanent makeup is like employing tattoos that beautify your facial features putting designs and colours in your skin which frees you from regular makeup regime. Your skin is treated with beautifying ingredients to add that pink colour to your lips which stays forever and a line is created on your eyelid to give that permanent eyeliner effect. It's permanent with a procedure of micro pigmentation minerals and pigments are introduced into the epidermis, topmost layer of skin so as to add colour and evenness to your skin. The whole process of permanent makeup involves a whole lot of professional techniques and consultancy. Hence, the professional help is needed. These professionals study your skin type, the after effects and a possible breakout that can perhaps take place save you the cracking. The safety of permanent makeup is a hard task. It's not that people don't go for it, people do and they do have some amazing results to flaunt. It’s as same as having a tattoo but then for some people it's fashion and for some, it's not so cool. Same ideology goes here but in a beautifying way. The aspect of the procedure is not restricted to adorning oneself but it also allows you to get rid of from your blemishes, dark tones, accidental marks, etc.

Permanent Makeup has proved to be a bliss for people having such facial problems by balancing the pros and cons.When it's permanent it's like having the same shade of lipstick on your lips forever sounds a bit panicky by having wrong colour, wrong shape, too dark and too light shade. Yes, these might be some cons involved in permanent makeup. Permanent makeup has it set of pros and cons but it is you have to decide the best for you.