Transmission of caries/ cavity/ holes in teeth causing bacteria to the newly born child can be arrested by Oral health of Expectant moms, Pregnant women, New moms, & caretakers. If these maintain good oral health, the tendency for the newly born child to develop cavities/ holes in teeth can be prevented / avoided.

  • Expectant moms, Pregnant women, New moms, & care takers - must brush teeth twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste & floss daily; Rinse every night before sleep with fluoridated mouth rinse.
  • They must undergo restorations of all caries active lesions/ holes in teeth with a dental professional.
  • Parents must make the first appointment at a dental office for the child within 6months of eruption of 1st tooth.
  • Gum pads must be cleaned with a damp cloth after each feed.
  • Brushing of the newly born child must start from the age of 6-10 mo. Twice a day using soft bristled brush designed especially for babies.
  •  Habituate the baby / Do not give feeding after brushing at night, except water.
  • Dental professionals advise pit & fissure sealants / fluoridated toothpaste according to the child's dental health requirement.