I was suffering from a hormonal disease called PCOS which is mainly occur in teenage girls. Married or unmarried women can have PCOS.Most people knows about PCOS. In this disease some hormonal imbalance occurs in the body. Such as increase androgen level, develop insulin resistance, increase prolactin level. Due to such hormonal imbalance unbearable changes occurs in the body and on the body.I have the same issue that typical PCOS patients have. My weight was increasing. Suddenly facial hairs become dense. My face and back was covered by painful acne. Some hairs were growing around my umbilicus. I was totally disturbed and depressed. I almost lose my self-confidence. I was avoiding friends. I hadn’t want to go to any public places with my acne face. I tried anything to cure my external appearance of the body. But every time I was failed. I was trying to finding the reasons behind this awkward situation. One day I have decided to go to the gynaecologist to find out the causes. I went to the clinic. The doctor was asking me everything, done some tests. In the next visit, the doctor told me, u have a PCOS.They told me everything about PCOS. When I asked for treatment, they stand up and walk towards a wall. There was a photo of himself in which they are running. They told me, you have to do this. Firstly I don’t understand what they trying to say. By seeing the confused face of mine, they smiled and told, if you want to cure without any medications and their side effects, then you should have to run, walk. Not from PCOS but for escape from PCOS. This is the main treatment of PCOS... The exercise of your body and mind. I came out of the clinic with a positive energy. Next day morning I wore sports shoes and start running to fight with PCOS. After three months I was totally changed. My body, my skin was looking very beautiful. This is the first time I understand that I am pretty beautiful. I always try to run away from problems, now I run for solving the problems. Running, walking, any exercise and proper diet always give the benefit to health and when the physical health is good then how the mind will run away from being healthy.