Today  every woman is leading a stressful and competitive lifestyle.6 out of 10 women show PCOS symptoms when they walk in to skin clinic for various skin issues.The causes of skin related symptoms are often due to an imbalance in androgen Hormones, male sex hormones testosterone, along with an underlying Insulin resistance. It is a lifestyle disorder where lack of exercise and disciplined food habits are major contributing factors for PCOS.

Top 5 clinical skin clues to recognize PCOS and treatment of these may improve patient's quality of life and psychological well-being:

1) Hirsutism : women with male pattern of excessive hair growth on face, chest, stomach and inner thighs can be extremely distressing and disturbing. We can offer soprano Hair-free pain-free 810-nm diode laser hair reduction with patented Dual Chill treatment tip unique, IN-Motion technology ensuring that the surface of your skin stays cool and comfortable.The sessions are done once in 30-60 days. And it takes 12 to 15 turns to convert the thick terminal hair into soft baby hair or permanent reduction.

2) Acne vulgaris ( nodules likes pimples ), Scarring pimples.can be treated with some oral medicine and applications. Salicylic-Glycolic combination peels, retinol peels, Laser Resurfacing can be great help for these patients.

3) Androgenetic alopecia hair loss and baldness. PRP Platelet rich plasma treatment helps 

4) Acanthosis nigricans:dark velvety skin patches on neck underarms, face (under eyes, forehead, around lips,) inner thighs. Helios Q switch Nd Yag laser will help.

5) The effects of androgen on sweat gland units can cause oily follicular patchy uneven skin with pigmentation around the mouth and under eye skin

Silent Pcos: those typically not having any symptoms. Their periods are regular, they are not obese and blood levels of hormones and ultrasound are normal,but only one of the SKIN MANIFESTATIONS are present. Treatment mantra for PCOS IS A DISCIPLINED HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.