PCOD is a complicated problem faced by women these days but it is not something that is untreatable, there are available treatments for overcoming this disease effectively but along with that there are some PCOD Do’s and Don’ts comprising of things to avoid and adopt that will help you increase the efficiency of your ongoing PCOD treatment. The major do’s and Don’ts for women with PCOD have been listed below:

DO’s of PCOD

◆ EXERCISE CAN HELP-Just because you are going through a disease does not mean that you have to be on the bed the whole time cribbing about how unwell you are. Rather, get up and keep your body working by exercising on a regular basis, this has nothing to do with joining a gym and buying expensive equipment, all you need to do is develop a walking habit of 30 minutes a day, few days a week. You can walk around in the park with your friends or go shopping sometimes & rather make it fun walk instead of a boring one. You can also go for lifting some weights as it helps in improving metabolism and insulin.

◆SLEEP ENOUGH-Remember that your eight hours sleep is more than important for you as not having a proper amount may result in imbalance in the hormone which deals with the hunger further leading into unwanted consumption of unhealthy food items available in hand. Getting a proper amount of sleep can help you feel better and refreshed as well as it can help in reducing weight if you are facing the issue of obesity.

◆ TAKE PROPER MEDICATION-First of all, keep stocks of medicines with you which are prescribed by the doctor to take at a specific time and days. Skipping these medicines can lead to the ineffectiveness of the whole medical treatment based on the pills intake and it can also be dangerous for your health and the disease you are going through. Keeping stocks will help you to not run out of medicines at odd timings and you can make a proper schedule of taking medicines or get it made by your doctor and make sure you understand your medicine intake properly to avoid any mistakes.

◆ KEEP TRACK OF YOUR PERIODS-Keep a thorough track of your menstrual cycle because irregularity in periods or missing periods can be a matter of concern for the people suffering from PCOD. It can lead to endometrial cancer or other major complication and if you keep track of your periods, it will be easier to report such problems to the doctor and it will help the doctor to deal with it more efficiently.

◆ MAINTAIN PROPER WEIGHT-Many women suffering from PCOD have to face the issue of obesity but it is important to not neglect it because it can lead to further severe problems. So, it is better to maintain your proper weight and avoid complications. You can do this by regularly exercising, by eating healthy food and maintain a balanced diet instead of unhealthy food intake as it will just make situations difficult for you.



When you are suffering from PCOD, you are prone to develop new and severe disease along with your already damaged health and smoking and drinking habits can increase your levels of getting caught by diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. So, you need to quit these harmful habits for a healthier life ahead and to efficiently treat PCOD.


You cannot afford to skip your skip meals while suffering from PCOD. To efficiently heal the disease. a proper intake of food is necessary, that does not mean that you have to eat without keeping a track rather eat healthy organic food and maintain a properly balanced diet.


As mentioned earlier one of the symptoms of PCOD is resistance to insulin and if we don’t take dietary care for this issue, it is possible for it to lead into diabetes or other kinds of serious issues related to it. To deal with it, you need to lessen the consumption of processed food in your diet and rather shift to natural and whole food. You do not have to completely quit the sugar, just maintain the required balance.

◆ DO NOT SKIP DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT-If you are undergoing treatment for PCOD or infertility, you need to know that it is very important to get yourself monitored by the doctor at regular intervals or as scheduled by the doctor. It is important to keep a regular check on your health and see if the treatment is working or not and work accordingly. So, do not even think of skipping appointments with your doctor, keep track of the dates of the appointment and avoid any other work on those dates.


Studies say that women who are suffering from PCOD are more prone to have depression than other people. So, if you notice any kind of symptoms that are indicating towards the issue of “Depression” then don’t take it lightly. These symptoms can be excessing sleeping and eating habits, excessive weight loss or gain, imbalance or difficulty in sleeping and eating habits, frequent sadness for a longer period of time, etc. If you notice any of these symptoms for a longer period of time, make it a concern and report it to the doctor immediately. PCOD is one of the challenging diseases that can affect you in many ways if not taken care properly but this should not stress you out because if you go through treatment in a disciplined way with adoption of a healthy way of living life then it is far easier to get out of it without increasing complications.