What are party peels?

Party peel is a type of chemical peel which can be done, one to a few days before the “party”, wedding or the social event one is gearing up for. 

How are they different from the regular chemical peel treatment? 

The peels used for “party peel” or “glow peel” purposes are usually a little different, that is, the compound used is different (or the concentration used is different) from the regular peels for acne, wrinkles or pigmentation. They are aimed to have a low downtime with minimal or no evident redness or scaling of skin after the peel. They are faster acting and pretty safe. 

How do they work?

They aim to cause very superficial exfoliation leaving the skin supple, soft and hydrated and helping you get rid of the superficial layer of tan and dead skin that may have accumulated. It gives a fresher and rejuvenated appearance. 

Is there an elaborate post peel care? 

No, you just need to avoid harsh soaps, bleaching or waxing and direct sun exposure. Use of sunscreen prior to sun exposure is advised. 

Is there a downtime involved? 

There is no downtime (unlike certain stronger peels) and hence suitable when you are on the go and wish to prepare for a party or an event that is soon coming up. 

How long do the results of party peels last? 

The milder party peels may not have long-lasting effects like the regular chemical peels but that’s how they are designed. They keep you looking brighter and fresher for about 5 days to 2 weeks. 

What must I be cautious about? 

You must see a qualified dermatologist and get the peel under his/her guidance. Only a Dermatologist will be able to assess your skin correctly and advise you if or not you must go in for the peel and if any specific precautions were needed at all. 

Happy partying!