The most fascinating word is Freedom. These days we talk about freedom for animal rights, nature rights and human rights so on. Demanding freedom has become the birthright of any individual or community. Wondering has it become a business!

Freedom of Life

As we going to celebrate 73rd Independence Day, it urges to think about the purpose of Freedom in Life. Having a status of independent India doesn’t mean the country and People are independent. It gives the liberty to think and act independently for amelioration and co-existence. The true liberation of Freedom is 'Freedom of Mind' and 'Freedom of Speech'. Magic of Mind allows thinking without filtrations and acting without inhibitions. Processing of Mind functions consciously to think and act prudently. Freedom of Speech decides what to speak and not. Speech that matters!

Parental Freedom

Freedom is the most powerful word and gains its momentum with time. Women use it as a wonderful tool in demanding their rights. Unfortunately, they failed to understand the thin line difference between responsibility and free will. Responsibility comes with accountability whereas free will comes with a price tag. Time to comprehend and discrepant individual responsibility versus freedom talk. Recent debating topic is about parental freedom in upbringing a child. 

It Is Responsibility and a Choice!

Child is a responsibility and a choice made by both the parents. The heart-throbbing discussion among parents is fighting over their so-called personal rights, career ambitions and family commitments. They live in a world of illusions and delusions. The veracity is different from idealism. Nature gifted women and men certain traits to compliment and compromise with each other. No one is superior or inferior. It’s just the thought that makes it complicated. They need to realize its going to be such an amazing moment to cherish the tiny one growing up with lot of inquisitiveness and enthusiasm. 

Missing the Golden Opportunity

Most of the parents miss this golden opportunity by raising question on parental freedom and sharing responsibility among each other. Such unpleasant incidents create an impact on child’s physical and intellectual development and leave a permanent scar in their budding stage. The child live with these scars during life time which hinders their personal and professional growth. Will continue seeing how parental behavior affects the growth of a child in proceeding weeks.