Bed wetting  is one of the prime concern of parents of growing children.When a child passes the urine in the bed without knowing is known as bed wetting.Children may experience bed wetting or Nocturnal Enuresis above the age of six to 12 years,it is completely a natural phenomenon yet many parents feel embarrassed about his and start to get angry at their kids.The child may not have any control on his or her urine pressure. In most kids bed wetting is a result of improper toilet training.

Parental Advice for Bed Wetting

  1. Do not get angry at the child or beat the child as this will only worse the situation.
  2. Do not start the treatment for this problem till the age of six years.
  3. Motivate the child to take active part in the treatment plan.Parents should reward their child on successful dry nights to boost the self confidence of their child.
  4. Parents can try out bed wetting alarms,which have shown some good results  in tackling this situation.
  5. Parents can try out the water therapy in which the fluids intake of the child is restricted two to three hours prior to sleep.
  6. Nasal drops for Nocturnal Enuresis have shown some results ,consult your Doctor for further advice on that.
  7. Teach your kid to empty the bladder before going to sleep.
  8. One can try another method in which child is woken at midnight to empty the bladder and gain in the morning.
  9. Teach the child to hold the Urine in the day time.
  10. Proper Toilet training should be given to the child and occasional lapse should be neglected.
  11. Proper counselling of both the kid and the parents should be done.
  12. The parents should try to eliminate the guilt factor.

Note: Medical help should be taken if the problem persists after the age of twelve years or above tips have failed.