Summers can be a difficult season to cope with. It is usual to feel uncomfortable and dehydrated during this season. But certain foods can help us deal better with this situation and help us stay cool and hydrated.

Choosing this nutritious cooling fruit that is Palmyra fruit, commonly known as taal in Hindi is a great way to cool your body and beat the heat. This fruit is hidden with flavors and nutritional benefits.

Delicious palmyra fruit

Palmyra fruit has a jelly-like texture, translucent like ice and has a mild sweet taste. It is loaded with Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium and water. Due to its interesting nutritional content, it has several health benefits:

  • It has a great cooling effect on skin and can help treat skin diseases and replenishes all the vitamins and minerals lost from the body. Having skin related problems is common during summers so adding this fruit in your diet is a good option to keep your skin healthy. 
  •  It can also solve digestive problems and other stomach ailments and help keep your system cool. You may consider this fruit to treat constipation problems and promote normal bowel movements and will also give you relief from acidity problems. 
  • This fruit has a natural cooling property and cools down your body. Apart from hydrating you, this fruit can give you enough electrolytes to replace electrolytes lost while sweating.

You can enjoy this fruit along with the fibrous external white coat which is edible too. You can have it as a snack or just hydrate yourself with this fruit any time of the day. Try including this fruit frequently in your diet during the summer season and beat the scorching heat with this fruit and stay cool and healthy.