What is Painless dentistry and how can it not be fiction?

Can you imagine walking out of your dentist’s chair smiling after having watched your favourite show? Can you imagine dentistry without the dreaded dental drill and those painful injections? Or even a root canal without pain?

Well these scenarios are no longer fiction but now an accepted  fact. 

The age old image of the dentist torturer with his horrifying tools has been replaced with that of a caring professional using sleek gadgets to not only heal you but even completely transform your face, smile and thereby even your personality.

Dentistry contrary to popular misconceptions has evolved into a luxurious indulgent experience that more patients are now opting for.

Global technology now available in Mumbai

Dental research has successfully limited or eliminated the use of all patient discomfort devices associated with dentistry -the drill, the blade and the injection

  1. Eliminating the drill: ask your dentist for the drill replacing laser machines for fillings,root canals & surgery.
  2. Eliminating the blade: The painless clean way to all surgical treatments with a diode laser
  3. Eliminating the injection:Computer Controlled dosage and microfine needles that eliminate the pain of regular injections

Painless dentistry is possible and technology paves the way for it by removing the things that could possibly cause you any pain.

Changing face of dentistry –from pain to gain

Modern dental practices are now dedicated and modelled around providing painless dentistry solutions to the dental patient. All aspects of our practices are customised -ranging from modelling our interiors to elevate your mood and put you at ease, to specially trained staff to allay your fear and caring professionals to conduct treatments using equipment and techniques that make you wonder when your treatment experience ended. Comfort and beauty are at the fore front as multidisciplinary dentistry eliminates pain through specialisation and efficiency.

Painlessly relieving pain

Contemporary dentists aspire to make your dental experience a memorable one so you can choose to opt for dental treatment even when relieving pain is not your only motivation.

Future trends 

A path breaking latest research from King’s college, London proves that tooth decay might repair itself by using electric currents to reverse decay by re-mineralization (Electrically accelerated & enhanced re-mineralization, EAER) with calcium and phosphorus naturally present in the tooth thus further eliminating the need for a drill.

The rapidly changing perception of dentistry makes for more happy patients walking out of the healing haven of the new age dental office experiencing dentistry the painless way!

Let us know how you feel about painless dentistry and if you think its a myth or not? 

What has your dentist done for you?