• Pain and inflammation of gums around the wisdom tooth is called, PERICORONITIS.  

 Dentist, Dentist could you say,If I should visit you today ? 

 You must ! If you answer 'yes' to the points written, this way.........

  1. Wisdom tooth is partially erupted/ tilted/ not on the same level as the adjacent teeth.
  2. Inability to chew on the side that is affected.
  3. Overlying Operculum-   If the gum around the wisdom tooth is red,  swollen,  infected with pus, and tender on touch.
  4. Trismus- difficulty to open your mouth, wide.
  5. Sometimes -swelling is seen over the middle third of the face, associated with mild fever and dullness.

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The reasons my dear, are for you to see :

  • Poor oral hygiene : Improper brushing and food lodgement  leading to gum infection.
  • Angle in which the wisdom tooth is erupting.
  • Over erupted Upper teeth, that traumatize the cheek and gums, while chewing.


Treat me right, 

Until my pain is out of sight !! 

  • The treatment varies for every patient depending on severity, cause of problem,                             radiographic (x ray) examination.
  • Infection and pain is first treated using antibiotics and analgesics(pain killers), and a detailed examination is done before a confirmatory treatment is given. 
  • Painless - If the problem is an over grown gum- it is cut surgically or using a laser.
  • If the problem lies primarily in the wisdom tooth's angulation or eruption, the tooth might have to removed.
    • A mouth wash that contains -Cholrohexidine can be used twice daily for 15 days, even 4 rinses with warm water with a pinch of salt added to it can help cleanse your mouth.
    • Over the counter mild analgesic (Paracetomol - 500mg for adults) can be taken twice a day, for not more than three days, if the pain is severe and you are unable to schedule an appointment with the dentist due to unforseen emergencies.
    •  Though the above remedy might bring you temporary relief for a day or two, it is compulsory that you schedule your appointment at the earliest with the dentist and undergo the treatment advised to completely eliminate the problem. 

    Wishing you a hassle free smile, for times ahead.

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