Most of us go to great extents to preserve and care for our hair, but we Indians are inherently quite hairy, just that it’s all in the unwanted places! Jokes apart, unwanted hair is quite a problem we battle in our everyday lives. However, with Vitals Klinic offering the best laser hair removal in BTM Layout, things are on for a better change.

The Clinic has gained a reputation for hair reduction in Bangalore with its highly advanced types of equipment and a team of expert dermatologists headed by Dr Harish Prasad. This team is highly qualified and can handle the latest treatment procedures. At the Clinic, the procedures are carried in a hygienic and safe environment, well equipped to manage any potential risks.

Conventional hair reduction technique shaves often let us high and dry when it comes to its effectiveness, longevity and convenience. Shaving and creams, the age-old technique of hair reduction is also ones that leave our skin dry and wrinkled in the long run, not to mention the stubble within a few hours of the process.Waxing and tweezing not just luck out hair but also our life in the ensuing pain! Not just that they are too time-consuming to be included in your busy routines in the present day. Laser hair reduction remedies all these inefficiencies of the conventional hair removal methods.

Laser hair reduction – what it entails Laser hair reduction helps in the reduction of unwanted hair in different parts of the body except for the area close to the eyes like eyebrows within a few sessions.The treatment technique works well in the reduction of dark and coarse hair within short periods of time. The laser used in Vitals Klinic can target patches of hair that can be reduced within a matter of seconds, ensuring larger coverage in each session. They also help in avoiding the issue of ingrown hair, that is a common occurrence in conventional hair reduction techniques.

With the development of laser technology, the procedure is available in many centres across the country. However, it would be wise to remember that it is not a simple cosmetic or beauty procedure.It requires great hygiene and safety measures and hence needs to be performed by a qualified and skilled doctor or professional.