The teeth may suffer an irreversible damage,due to heavy consumption of soft drinks, faulty brushing or normal tooth wear due to age, these are broadly classified into - 1. Attrition 2.Abrasion 3. Erosion.

To get a clear picture of what you are suffering from , and why you are'nt able to have the hot gourmet chocolate or the cold choco - frappe without screeching about sensitivity, kindly read this -

1.    Attrition–   

 The outline marked with white dots, depict the actual height of the front teeth, that has been reduced, exposing the inner layer of the teeth(yellow)..
Here is another example of the back teeth attrited - The teeth have to be like the one in the lower picture. Upper picture shows teeth that are brown and attrited


  •  Bruxism  (Night grinding) - Clenching or severe biting of teeth during the night time. 
  • Physiological-  Age - As a person ages teeth generally wear off.
  •  Due to faulty bite - Deep bite ( if the teeth aren't arranged or aligned properly). 


  • If  you think you clench your teeth at night, and your spouse or parent complains of it, you will be given a night guard that can prevent the teeth from further wear.
  • Faulty bite - This can be discovered only by the dentist and he may suggest you to undergo bite correction ( braces).

Treatment -

  • Very mild- You can use an anti-sensitivity tooth paste like sensodyne.
  • Mild cases - If only 1-2 teeth are affected , a cement can be filled and tooth can be restored.
  • Moderate to severe cases - Root canal is done and cap is placed over the teeth to protect it from further wear.


Loss of enamel near your gum line resulting in sensitivity, is called abrasion.


  •  Wrong technique of brushing (using a hard bristle brush and brushing vigorously  in horizontal direction ), use of tooth powder,charcoal, brick powder.


  • Use  a soft bristle brush, and smooth consistency tooth paste, brush your teeth  in up and down motion.
  •  Children can brush their teeth in circular motion.

Treatment -

  • Mild  to moderate cases - A cement is placed and the tooth is restored. 
  • Severe cases- Root canal treatment.

 3. Erosion -

Erosion is a chemical damage to the tooth structure due to consumption of acidic food or due to frequent vomiting.


  • Consumption of aerated  (soft drinks), beverages,citrus fruits. 
  • Gastric trouble - repeated vomiting and acidity problems.


Teeth are restored in mild cases, and a root canal is done in severe cases.  

Note - If you see your teeth turning yellow and if you have sensitivity on having cold or hot foods you should consult your nearby dentist and solve the issue.  

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