Dengue, known as break-bone fever (since it is literally bone-breaking because of severe joint pain) has been spreading its wings in most of the tropical regions these days including India. It has become one of the most common mosquito-borne viral diseases and hence its prevention has become really important.

Its mainly caused by a family of viruses named Flaviviridae and transmitted by the Aedes Egypt mosquito.

People are usually of the mindset that oral findings have almost negligible or no role in systemic diseases which ain’t true. Both systemic and oral diseases are co-dependent and signs and symptoms of one might be reflected in the other, hence careful observation and diagnosis are critical in all the cases. The same is the case with dengue fever since dengue leads to lowering down of platelet levels, it may lead to sudden bleeding from gums and purpuric (hemorrhagic) spots. It’s important to take careful notice of all such symptoms and act swiftly in order to prevent it from further aggravation.


There can be various orofacial manifestations of the same which can help with early diagnosis and prevention:

*Bleeding gums

*Petechiae: These are hemorrhagic reddish-blue spots seen commonly on the soft palate.

*Crusting of lips and tongue

*Small vesicles on the soft palate

*Brown plaques on buccal mucosa: These plaques are also seen on the tongue.


*Dryness of mouth: This can occur solely or combined with other signs too.  

In case one notices any of these signs, you can report to our team here at REALTOOTH and we can help you with the diagnosis. A minor oral finding might lead to a diagnosis of such a fatal systemic disease and can save someone’s life. Stay safe!  

Setting the basics right can do wonders, and the funny thing is how most people fail to see it. With more and more people becoming aware of the subject,