MYTH: Scaling or cleaning weakens teeth.

FACT: When done correctly, scaling helps getting rid of deposits (plaque and calculus) and thus improving the health of teeth and gums. 

MYTH: Brushing teeth 5-6 times in a day makes them cleaner.

FACT: It is recommended to brush teeth twice daily. Overuse of brush on tooth surfaces, in turn, causes harm by causing abrasion of the outermost layer, enamel.  

MYTH:  No treatment is required if the tooth is pain-free

FACT: Pain is sometimes absent in long-standing cases and should not be the sole criteria of treatment.  

MYTH: Dental treatment is painful.

FACT: With the new advances taking place, many high-speed instruments are used which are making the dental treatment pain-free, quick and very comfortable for the patient. 

MYTH: There is no need for a dental visit during pregnancy.

FACT: It is  Routine dental visits are a must during pregnancy. If necessary, some treatments can be carried out during late pregnancy as well. No X-rays are done during pregnancy.  

MYTH: It is better to remove all wisdom teeth

FACT: Unless there is a real problem with a wisdom tooth and is not treatable, only then is extraction advisable. 

MYTH: Extraction of teeth causes problems with eyesight.

FACT: There is no effect of extraction of teeth on eyesight. There is no scientific data to support this misconception. 

MYTH: Badly decayed teeth should be extracted.

FACT: There are a variety of newer treatments which can be used to conserve the less remaining tooth and make it a fully functional one.  

MYTH: Bleaching is harmful to the teeth.

FACT: It is a very precisely carried out procedure and causes no harm to the teeth.