The impact of oral health on the body needs to be revised over and over again.

New studies strongly support the above point after finding links between infections in mouth and problems in other parts of the body. There are a number of diseases caused, or worsened by poor oral health such as - Diabetes, Heart diseases, respiratory disorders etc. This can be better explained with a simple example. People with diabetes are more susceptible to get gum diseases than those without it. Generally, diabetics are more prone to get infections and also heal very slowly.

Recent studies have shown that people with gum diseases are more likely to develop diabetes and thereby increase the risk of losing teeth. This is the case with any diseases we take into consideration. They have either direct or indirect link with the oral hygiene status.

When there is an infection in mouth, it is known to everyone that there will be bacterial accumulation in the area. They may either get into the bloodstream directly causing problems in other parts of body, or may release toxic proteins which could affect the general blood flow in the body leading to heart attacks.

Therefore, it is always advised to get a dental check up every 6 months to 1 year in order to keep an eye on any developing medical conditions. Also, if there are any systemic diseases at the time of dental treatments or procedures, always make sure they are properly discussed with the dentist, to avoid any further complications or adverse effects caused by any particular dental procedure without prior precautionary steps.