“Wounds that don't heal

Nerves that don't feel.

No food I can eat at ease

What a disease I have” -- Diabetes!

Specialists call me by another name like Tripathy

As I induce painless or painful nerves, Neuropathy

And also vandalise the vast vascular network, Vasculopathy

Before I damage the camera of the eye, Retinopathy.

It is not due to what you eat, katta or meeta,

But as your lifeboat wrecks on the Islets of Langerhans

Even though you feel secure with the insulin of Best & Banting

Alas! the ultimate cure is still wanting!

As all your diet fails, you put on tablet

Your therapist says 'take it' or order your 'stone tablet'

As the needle-less therapy still cannot prevent you becoming lean

You lean on needle therapy with insulin, from which you may not wean.

Makes me pee all day & night putting me at stand-at-ease

No more about-turn once I develop hypertensive disease

The 'Nephro' says “No more kidding with your kidney

Beg, borrow or steal to live on with your kith or kin's kidney”.

As the moiety forms the callous cataract

With the society - you fail to interact

All the afflictions of the errant eye

If you don't care, may bid a permanent bye!

You ask your Queen of hearts for some more tart

“Risk not dear, No more of them” comes the reply so curt.

Even as your ego takes the beating with the hurt

Odd becomes the arrhythmic beating of your heart.

As you cannot 'rise to the occasion' and vex

The urge ushers you to the sentinels of specialist in sex!

Waxing and waning of the velocity of your life's Niagara

Calls on you to fall on the pellets of Viagra!

When all the faltering organs invite diabetic coma

Your soul plays dilly-dallying within your soma.

Even as you recollect all the deeds of your karma

There comes the 'appointed time' with Yamadharma.

Initiated by the ineptitude & apathy, failing to gain sympathy

You wander hither - thither from naturopathy to homeopathy

If all your pathys cannot be allayed even by Allopathy

You become their prey or pray Venkatachalapathy!