When your skin is shinning and feels wet on touch ,yes, you can  also see large pores too.You have oily skin and likely to get pimples often.

Here's how to handle it.

-Wash with gentle cleanser not more than twice a day and also after heavy sweating.Do not use harsh /regular soaps as they can increase oil production.

-If still oily..add face wash with salicylic acid or glycollic acid. Facewash goes along was in dealing with oil on face.By long way i mean less oil which means no open pores and less often pimples.

Over the counter products to be used are -Oil free aqueous gel.

                                                                           -Non -comedogenic products.

                                                                          -Oil free moisturiser.

Do not scrub

-Squeezing pimples is a big no-no.

-Eating foods like cucumber,citrus fruits,fluids,juices,vegetables both cooked and raw along with pulses and fish is helpful.

-Avoid....fried foods,red meat,milk,milk products ,sugary drinks and chocolates.

Opt for chemical peels and laser.

Oiliness can be reduced using creams consisting tretinion, adalapene or tazarotene.

Limit mask for big occasions as they over dry skin when used frequently.

Last and definitely most important use oil free sunscreen and for more details in sunscreen use follow us here.