I have shared a lot of experiences , Problems , especially with social aspects among the population suffering from Morbid Obesity (BMI more than 40). The lack of social confidence and feeling of being ashamed in small trivial talks makes them feeling isolated and lack of morale. This has a cascading effect on the various psychological and metabolic process of body.

Bariatric surgery not only reduces weight , but helps in remission & total cure diabetes almost completely.

The outcome for Weight loss in obesity & diabetes is MIRACULOUS AND MAGICAL.

This is particularly due to Calorie deficit created due to restrictive and malabsorptive procedure created and the bypass of of food through first part of small intestine which treats Type 2 diabetes almost completely in majority of patient population.

Increases the average life expectancy and survival rate.

Decreases Cardiovascular complications, Osteoarthritis , Obstructive sleep apnea , PCOD(Polycystic Ovarian Disease) and many more metabolic problems.

The mesmerizing effect will be felt once you interact with the operated patients and the kind of relief they got.

Don't let Diabetes & Obesity be a  misery to your Life.