Spinal DecompressionTreatment from Canadian Decompression and PainCenters (CDPC, Canada), is a Non-Surgicaltechnology used primarily to treat disc injuries in the neck and lowerback.  Our Spine is made ofvertebra. In between the vertebra, there is a gel like substance called the“disc” which acts as a cushion against forces on our spine. Either due to anaccident or lifestyle related reasons (desk job) or ageing, our vertebra mightget “compressed” resulting in disc pushing out. Sometimes it pushes out to suchan extent that it presses upon the nerves in the spinal cord. This often causestingling pain across the arm and legs.

Thefigure here demonstrates the various stages of disc herniation and conditionstreated by this technology

The first Spinal Decompression machinewas invented by Dr.Allan Dyer in Canada in 1996. Since then various improved models have come out and it has beenused in hundreds of centers in USA & Canada all these years. Thistechnology is approved by Health Canada and FDA (USA).

Thistreatment is non-surgical, does not involve any medication or injections and alsodoes not require you to do exercises at home which are often difficult tosustain in our busy lives.

Take thecase of Akash Jain. “I had severe shooting pain going down my left leg whichmade it impossible for me to walk. I took several pain relieving medicines. Butthe pain only subsided till the effect of painkillers lasted. Being diagnosedwith a slipped disc with repeated back pain episodes, I was advised surgery.But after I started treatment at Orthocure Clinic and was put on the SpinalDecompression Machine, only within 6 sessions, my symptoms starteddisappearing! Interestingly, I also felt very relaxed while on the machine.  I can now sit for long hours and walkcomfortably “.

 “Spinal Decompression Therapy has computercontrolled movements to decompress the spine in a graded manner.  Thisnon-surgical decompression is a technology used primarily to treat the discinjuries in the neck and the lower back like disc protrusion and sciatica”,says Dr Meeta Nanda of Orthocure Clinic.” Degenerative disc disease, SpinalArthritis and Spinal Stenosis can also be effectively treated with the help ofthis machine. Orthocure Clinic is offering this treatment in association with CDPC,Canada and it is the first and only such facility in Gurgaon.”

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