Knee pain can be managed quite easily if timely action has been taken. 

Nowadays there are some new treatment modalities that are covering all the aspects of knee pain management

There so many available treatment options that should be tried before considering surgical options. 

Physiotherapy should always be tried as an additional therapy and not as a main treatment approach. 

Injection procedures like Injection Steroid, Botox, PRP Therapy, Ozone Therapy and Collagen Therapy are quite effective and can be used as combination therapy also.

Injection procedures are generally effective and are useful when combined with biomechanical correction. 

Long Term oral medication is not the solution and can even aggravate the symptoms. 

Walking on soft surface for half an hour daily is very useful for good health of your knee joint.

Daily walk and exercises along with pain management is the golden management for knee pain and should be started as early as possible. 

Stay blessed and healthy and live a healthy pain free life.