Tendinopathy is a very chronic, recurrent and debilitating problem. Tennis elbow, patellar tendinitis (Anterior knee pain), Achilles tendinitis & plantar fasciitis (Heel cord and heel pain) are the source of nagging and troublesome pain. It can halt a successful sports career.

Traditionally these are treated with analgesics, braces, and local steroid injections. Exercises also help to an extent. 

However, they don't address the real problem. 

The main pathology behind the tendinopathy is weak and inflamed tendon. There is inflammation of surrounding bursa also.

However, there are some patients who are resistant to this treatment. Especially those with active lifestyle and the ones who pursue sports activities.

The newer treatment modalities are revolutionary in treatment of these patients i.e. Radiofrequency micro-debridement of inflammed tendon. A controlled heat is given at various points on the painful part of tendon through a very small (1 cm incision). Grid iron pattern of radio- frequency given to the tendon results in the secretion of growth hormones and improved vascularity. This leads to healing of diseased fibres of tendon. It also eliminates abnormal painful nerve endings. Thus pain goes away immediately and over a long term it results in strengthening of tendon.

The radio-frequency treatment of these lesions results not only in resolution of symptoms, it restores the strength of the tendons. The patient can go back to previous level of activity and resume even sports activity.