Newborn blood spot screening

  • 3 drops of blood can prevent your baby from developing mental retardation!!
  • This test identifies low thyroid status in your baby in addition to few other conditions which can cause problems later in life. 
  • Early treatment with medicines can prevent mental retardation completely leading to healthy life for your baby.

Hearing screen 

  • Screening usually takes place while the baby is settled or asleep. 
  • Painless test for your baby.       
  • Early identification of hearing loss coupled with good quality early support is known to be important for the language and social development of the child.  
  • Newborn screening means that if a baby has hearing loss then support and treatment can be provided to parents at an early stage. 
  • Results are available immediately.

Critical congenital heart disease screen

  • This simple, painless and inexpensive test will identify whether your baby has any major heart problems requiring treatment in the first few days of life.
  • Your baby will be connected to a monitor which shows the amount of oxygen in your baby’s blood in a few minutes.
  • Results are available immediately.