#Newyear2017 : New Skin.....Shed the old one...don the new!!

The old order changeth...yielding place to the new...& the dawn of a new year ushers' in a new

era & new resolutions ....the old skin is shed....onwards to a clear new skin!!

Often, solutions are never the problem...they are present in abundance & every grandmother has a pet remedy.....its the triggers' that we need to recognise & avoid which pose the challenge nowadays!

Acne, Bruising (eg. vigorous toweling of face), Cigarettes, Dust & Environmental Pollutants are the big ABCDE triggers with Stress being the hair trigger' that leave their imprints on the skin aiding & abetting the ageing process. Keep these in Check & You have your passport to a clear skin!!


Happy Individual invariably boasts of a Happy Skin & rarely vice versa...the happiness quotient is often an underrated commodity while addressing skin issues...Unlock the secret to your happiness & watch your skin glow...sadly there is no one-stop solution to happiness & there are different strokes for different folks. 

Body Pampering with the occasional spa visit, good bathroom products that are 'cleansers' & a trip to a qualified dermatology accredited lifestyle clinic to literally give you that chin-up with either some hair removal, scar revision or any one such aesthetic 'felt need'- addressed once a year is a good resolve to make.

Cleansing , Toning & Moisturizing are the age old mantras that still hold true while 'unwinding' each night before you get that beauty sleep...take off any grime or make up & let your skin breathe.

Deep Sound Sleep atop a busy active day with a 'book in hand' as opposed to the television or computer screen inputs just before one's sleep is a definite step in the right direction.

Exercise (Isometric): Sex, Swimming & Yoga are my tried & trusted big 3 to give you that glowing skin in the new year!!

Lose the ABCDE Triggers' , Apply the ABCDE Resolutions & enjoy A Beautiful Clear Desirable Exterior in 2017!!