New Season of School has started in most schools in India. Lots of parents must be sending their little angels to big school for the first time. Most parents and kids would be excited and many would be nervous.

Few tips regarding our young kids while sending them to school for the first time:

  • Get them mentally prepared. Tell them positive things about school. Your kids should be excited to go to school rather than being scared or apprehensive about it.
  • Tell them you are just around the corner and will come whenever needed. And during school hours their teachers will take care of them.
  • Separation Anxiety is integral part of development which needs to dealt with patiently. 
  • BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day. Make sure that your child as well as you have it together in the morning. A healthy breakfast will boost your immunity as well bonding with your kids.
  • Encourage them and support them at every step.
  • Talk to your child; try to spend quality time with your kids. LISTEN to them rather and ask them open-ended questions.
  • Let them open up to you. They might not be able to express things well and might be emphasizing on very small things which you might find not important. But remember, for them these small things might be more important than you think. And it will encourage them to share more important things with you once they grow up.
  • Show them that you are listening intently. Maintain eye to eye contact with them as they talk.
  • Talking daily and discussing things as a daily routine will help you tackle BULLYING in school as well.
  • Educate kids regarding Good touch and Bad touch to guard them against Sexual harassment. Discuss with kids regularly and ask them to talk to you whenever anyone touches them in private parts.
  • Most important is to go with the flow and do not worry too much. Have faith in your abilities.
  • Try to inculcate good habits in your kids and always lead by example.