Dear parents, nowadays every newborn is having its metabolic screening and newborn screening which helps to diagnose and treat any disease early.

1. Blood test

2. OAE test  hearing test

3. CCHD screening.

Blood tests include:

1 Aminoacid metabolism

2. Biotinidase deficiency

3. CAH congenital adrenal huperplasia

4. Congenital hypothyroidism

5. Cystic fibrosis

6. HIV

7. PKU

8. Toxoplasmosis

9. G6PD Deficiency

10. Galactosemia

11. Sickle cell anaemia

Normal results of tests vary from how test is performed. Talk to your paediatrician about normal reports and normal ranges. Abnormal reports mean that child has to undergo some additional tests to confirm the diagnosis.