It is very important to understand the scientific theory behind weight loss before creating your own weight loss strategies. An effective weight loss for the long run is all about a healthy diet and a good dose of physical activity. Counting calories is part of a weight loss plan but not the only remedy for weight loss. Counting calories (or grams of fat or carbohydrates) is far easier than actually understanding the complex effects food has on our bodies and our waistlines. If counting calories is about losing weight then any one would manage to lose weight on their own. Below are the reasons which will clearly explain why you should not always count calories to lose weight.

1. Food produces some hormonal effects in our body. It decides whether to store that fat or burn it. So, depending only on calories will never help to lose the unwanted fat. To accelerate the body’s fat burning hormones, a combination of balanced macro and micro nutrients is mandatory in every meal, rather than depending only on calorie count.

2. The accurate method of checking calories is through the bomb calorimeter method which is practically not possible on a daily basis for regular people. When you calculate by yourself on the basis of some information you found online or on the food labels, you might be hundreds of calories off track. Different bodies metabolize foods at different rates depending on factors such as muscle mass, exercise habits, hormonal changes and lifestyle. Ultimately, counting calories alone will never help you lose weight. It depends on other factors also.

3. Calculating calories might be help you in getting a low calorie meal but is that food going to accelerate or hinder your weight loss? The quality of food you are eating also plays an equally vital role in successful weight loss, along with the calorie count. Always keep in mind the quality parameters instead of depending only on calorie counting.

Calorie Counting Alternatives

Instead of counting calories now and then,so the best way to put a check on weight and to lead a healthy life can be checking on the portions should always take smaller portions in a plate, try to take out time for any of the physical activity and lastly focus on right combinations of food.