After 25 years of my experience in this field being a doctor I wanted to provide permanent solution for these kind of dieases through Neuro Dynamic Programming in which we can program our sub-concious mind through various modalities like NLP, Hypno therapy and live seminars. After this people will be happy in their life and they will be healthy, and their self esteem and self confidence will boost.  They will explore their true potential and start living their life extraordinarily.

Majority of the people / students / parents / patients are suffering from following disorders throughout their life.  Diseases like migraine, headache, hypertension,  gastritis, sleeplessness, anxiety neurosis, fear psychosis, phobias, stage fear, irritable bowel syndrome, loss of appetite, hyperacidity, loss of weight.

There are about 30% to 40% of the population are suffering from this psychosomatic disorders, if no action is taken, these people will suffer throughout their life.  Medicine (tablets & injections) used to treat these kind of diseases will give temporary relief but will not solve the problem.


How to know if you or your known people require treatment for above problem through Neuro Dynamic Programming?

Advantages /Benefits of NDP (Neuro Dynamic Programming)

  • Drug less therapy- Say good bye to your medicine

  • No pill -no burden 

  • Not only health issue get solved but also overall development takes place.

  • Learn things yourself that you did not know before.

  • Become master of your emotion so that you can handle situation well.

  • Get Solutions for your variety of problems by undergoing this simple but powerful program.

  • Simple Therapy, Wonderful results.

  • Lots of People being relieved from NDP across India and Worldwide

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Dr B H Prakash Reddy

SPURTHY Hospital