Lot of people think that dental treatment is quite expensive and everyone can't afford it. so there is tendency to visit a dental facility only when need arises like pain, swelling ,bleeding etc. and when this time comes the problem is at advanced state. so the whole treatment become expensive even in indian perspective though the cost of dental treatment in india is fairly less compared western world (comparing standard of care).

The neglect may also comes from :

1) Fear of dentists/ dental treatment

2) Listening to bad experiences about dental treatment from people around

3) Lack of awareness about oral hygiene since childhood.

Our teeth and oral cavity is like small and important part of big machinery ie our body. A machine needs service and maintenance  over a period of time to function smoothly. Similarly our body parts require check up and treatments if necessary to live a healthy life.

So how to avoid big expense and ending up cursing your dentist:

 1) Awareness and seriousness towards oral hygiene maintenance

  •   Brushing twice a day, once in the morning and in the night
  •   Using proper brushing technique
  •   Using dental floss and interdental brush regularly
  •   Rinsing thoroughly after each meal

2) Twice a year visiting your dentist 

3) Getting professional cleaning done as suggested by your dentist

These small steps ensure prevention / early treatment  to avoid further problems