Myth-Once you get a denture, it lasts forever.

Fact- Dentures are tough,but artificial teeth are softer than natural teeth. Proper regular care and cleaning is needed for the denture maintainence.

Myth- After losing all the teeth will lead to suffering with a denture for rest of life.

FactHaving dentures doesn’t mean that you have to suffer! These days with modern dentistry, having dental implants helps to retain and stabilize a denture. The implant-supported denture also allows you to eat food that you would normally not be able to eat.

Myth- Dentures can be made with a standard mould.

Fact- Not at all. Every denture is different as it’s custom-fabricated according to your bone and soft tissue in your mouth.

Myth-Dentures will change your appearance.

Fact-Dentures that fit properly shouldn’t change the shape of your face or appearance but give you a perfect and confident smile.

Myth- You can’t eat or speak properly with a denture.

Fact- It needs little time to acclimatize to your denture. Properly fitting dentures may actually encourage you to eat a varied and well balanced diet that maximizes your overall health.