There are lot of myths about use of metals in Ayurveda. Many people have expressed their opinion about it haphazardly. People have used these points for years to demotivate use of ayurveda formulations. In fact these ayurveda formulations are the most potent formulations ever used, show instant results & are extremely safe if used at right place. Unknowingly, we follow these ayurveda methods where we use different metals to improve our health daily. These formulations when used as medicines has its own guidelines explained in detail in ancient Ayurveda texts. Each & every medicine not only in Ayurveda but in any pathy has certain guidelines. Any medicines used in wrong dose by any person can cause serious side effects. It's all about using medicines wisely by doctors. Hormonal pills, different antibiotics, pain killers & even commonly used medicine like paracetamol can cause adverse effects if used wrongly. Here are some facts about Ayurveda preparations including metals.

  • All Ayurveda formulations (including metal preparations) have been in use since thousands of years, tried & tested & this cannot be compared with medicines that enter the market after few years of studies on animals or human being.
  • Food, which is a basic requirement for life, if taken in the wrong way or excessive amount can result in adverse effect. Same is the truth for all medicines not only Ayurveda but all streams like allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy etc.
  • Metals are used in almost every medical system including conventional medical system e.g. Iron supplements, Minerals like Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium etc. Excessive use of these supplements can have adverse effects & overload of these minerals can prove fatal, yet they are available over the counter & no prescription required.
  • All these conventional supplements are in chemical form. All Ayurveda formulations has a very unique way to purify metals to make it palatable. Most of the methods include extreme heating process with certain herbs, followed by dipping it in herbal decoctions, powdering it etc. All these processes make the metal oxidised & further it is processed with natural herbs to increase the acceptance & absorption by body. Grinding it in to fine particles with certain herbs  also improves the acceptance & absorption. Herbal formulas quoted in ancient Ayurveda texts also meant to nullify the side effects of that particular metal & to enhance the positive effects on human body. These kind of naturally purified & herbally processed metallic combinations are far better than minerals in chemical form.
  • It is already proved by modern science that all the metals used in Ayurveda are already present in human body & have specific functions e.g. Copper is stored in bones & muscles by body & it is used in treatment of osteoarthritis, wound healing etc. Ayurveda also use copper in its formulations but it is herbally processed. We have tradition to drink water kept in copper vessel to improve immunity that has worked for years.
  • We unknowingly get exposure to dangerous metals by cooking in Aluminium vessels, using non stick coated vessels etc.These practices makes us vulnerable for fatal diseases like alzheimer's, liver toxicities & even malignancies 

Use of metals in Ayurveda

Ayurveda formulation to achieve health, immunity & cure disease is very ancient, unique & incredible method. Whole world including conventional medicinal system is now introducing it in the form of supplements & nutraceuticals.