Myth - RCT is a painful procedure.

Fact -RCT is done to relieve pain caused by pulped inflammation or a dental infection. Slight pain postoperative can be managed with painkillers.  

Myth – Getting RCT done is a very costly affair.

Fact-  No, Not really. Your natural teeth are like diamonds in your mouth. With RCT, you are saving your tooth. Consider the cost of replacing your natural teeth with bridge or implant. Then, you will find out that saving your own tooth at any expense is better than losing your natural tooth forever.

Myth – There should be no pain after RCT

Fact- The patient will feel better in a significant way after the procedure. Sometimes, there is sensitivity and slight pain after the treatment. Painkillers are there for your help. Antibiotics can be given if there is infection. 

Myth - RCT is done in several appointments.

Fact- These days RCT can be done in single appointment provided there is no severe infection. It all depends on the tooth condition and its anatomy.

Myth – A tooth should be extracted if there is pain. 

Fact-The RCT success is very high. A Root canal can be re-treated if there is pain/infection. Extraction should be considered as the last option as saving the natural tooth with root canal treatment has many advantages like efficient chewing, normal biting force and sensation and helps you to maintain your natural smile. Most importantly,You can continue eating the foods you love to!