Patient's with long standing Myofascial pains are having lots of constitutional symptoms. 

In most of these cases autonomic assessment was found to be abnormal. Is this is the triggering event for most of the life-style issues?

Probably, because most of these cases are having Chronic Pain, Lack of Sleep, Chronic Fatigue, Gastric Disturbances, Mood Change and Depression. 

Few of these cases were found to have Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus and Hypothyroidism.

If there is no genetic mutation, then why every 2nd person is found to have abnormal glucose tolerance?

There must be some triggering factor that is responsible for increase incidence of all these problem. In-fact we need a curative approach and not just symptomatic approach. 

All these lifestyle problems can be managed easily if management will be proper and directional. 

Take proper management on time and live a healthy pain-free life.