Today employees working in rotating shift duty at different services across 24 hrs in each week (24/7)is a common work culture phenomena. Being a consultant I found that shift duty as a major cause behind some common but persistent health problems. Shift rotating duties may leads to increased degeneration process of body. If we consider increasing age as a factor alonwith with this, it can lead to serious health problems in some individuals. In addition to this employees take meal in canteens but its food quality, making methods & nutritional value are different from home. All these factors lead to health problems commonly related to digestive system & other systems of body.
Shift duties as risk factors to diseases
1) Cardio-vascular disease (heart diseases)
2) Stress, depression
3) Insomnia (no sleep), headache
4) Fatigue
5) Gastro-intestinal disorders -acidity, bloating, IBS etc.
6) Musculo-skeletal disorders - joint pain, back pain etc.
7) Diabetes, asthma...
     It’s not just about shift duty; our body is well adjustable to any situation. It just need time to adjust .As body & circadian clock trying to adjust; your duty shift rotates again. In this cycle of rotation body tends  to have more wear & tear resulting in health problems as it affects body metabolism & immunity. Research shows that injuries & accidents have been estimated to increase by 15% in evening shifts & 28% in night shifts. U S - NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY & HEALTH recommends employers to avoid quick shift changes & should rotating shifts schedules should rotate forward. 
Recent study show that 12am to 3 am is natural time of healing & detoxification of body. This period is very essential to maintain equilibrium of body as well as of mind.
    Ayurveda says that constituents of human body should be in SAMYA AVASTHA (BALANCED) to maintain body health & mind health. That becomes hard to achieve due to shift duties now days. Ayurveda will help you in this regard by 
1) Suggesting life style changes
2) Diet plan
3) Exercise & yoga
4) Detoxification therapies 
5) Medicines -if needed to treat health problems.