Mere mention of “mutton” conjures tummy rumbling images of succulent mutton pieces – some in red curry, others roasted in ghee. To cut the long story short, we love mutton. A lot.

However, the joys of eating are usually cut short by discouraging quips from doctors and dieticians on the lines of “red meat is not good for health”, “it makes you fat”. What if we told you that mutton isn’t all that unhealthy and that it’s seriously okay to enjoy a gorgeous mutton preparation once in a while.

So, the thing is that the goat meat is richer than the white meats. However, it is also the least rich amongst other red meats but with plenty of health benefits. Did you know that Mutton Rogan Josh, the popular Mughlai dish, contains good amount of essential vitamins and minerals but also has a high amount of unsaturated fat? You will be surprised to know that it even helps lower bad cholesterol.

Let’s get to the raw nutrition of goat meat

Serving size: 110 g

Fat2.6 g (out of which 0.79 g is saturated)
Protein23 g
Cholesterol63.8 mg
Iron3.2 mg

The iron content in goat meat is higher than other meats:

Types of MeatGoatPorkBeefLambChicken
Quantity of Iron3.2 mg2.7 mg2.9 mg1.4 mg1. 5mg
  • Goat meat’s potassium content is higher than the other meats.
  • It also contains lower sodium levels than other meats.
  • It possesses a bunch of essential amino acids, which help our body function more efficiently.
  • It is a leaner protein source than other meats and has a high amount of unsaturated fat that increases good cholesterol.
  • Goat meat also has high amount of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and cobalamin.
  • It also contains iron, zinc, phosphorous, potassium, selenium and omega fatty acids.

Other health benefits of goat meat

  • Goat meat’s essential amino acids help in maintaining cardiovascular health.
  • It is good for the immune system and the general health of the cell.
  • Phosphorous present in goat meat maintains growth of bones and teeth.
  • The anti-oxidants present in goat meat protect from free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer.
  • It helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • It contains unsaturated fat in good amount and lowers the bad cholesterol.
  • It provides you with lots of protein and energy for good functioning of the body.
  • Goat meat also prevents warts and helps in protection from infections.

So, now that you know that mutton can actually help you build your health when consumed in the right proportions, don’t stop yourself the next time you go into a restaurant!