It’s the monsoon season and we all love it! Don’t we? 

The beautiful showers of rain and the misty clouds give us the much needed relief from the scorching summer heat. But this season might not be such a relief for your skin or hair for that matter! 

First of all let’s understand the basics. 


The oil secreting gland, becomes hyperactive during the rainy weather which leads to clogging of pores and accumulation of bacterial growth. Due to humidity in the weather during this season, oily skin is likely to suffer from the occurrence of acne and seborrheic dermatitis (greasiness of scalp). As a result, your skin has acne and flare-ups.

How to prevent oily skin problems? 

  • Always use an oil free gentle cleanser for the face 
  • Facial scrubs twice or thrice weekly are advisable
  • Use a non comedogenic and no greasy sunscreen

Essential Monsoon skincare tips for dry skin 

It's not just the oily skin but dry skin during monsoon also loses its capability to self repair.

  • Use light moisturisers 
  • Drink plenty of fluids to take care of the internal hydration 
  • Avoid fizz drinks, canned juices or sugared drinks as sugar can cause dull skin 

How to avoid fungal infections? 

  • The damp and moist skin surfaces are more prone to bacterial or fungal infection, always dry the clothes properly before wearing
  • Change socks everyday and use cotton socks which are more absorbent and lets your feet breathe
  • Wear loose and airy clothes, which do not stick to the skin 
  • Wear cotton undergarments and change regularly to maintain proper hygiene 


The hair gets significantly damaged due to various elements during this season. The humidity results in frizziness and unmanageability, making the hair dull & weak. Constant sweating due to the humidity can aggravate oily scalp dandruff. To avoid such oily scalp:

  • Avoid going for heavy hair treatments during this season, anything from smoothening to colouring
  • Use hair masks or moisturizing masks only once a week if at all
  • To reverse the damaged hair use coconut oil to massage just before head washes 
  • Take nutritional supplements like vitamin-E and also other antioxidants after consultation from your dermatologist
  • Apply conditioners before shampoo to avoid making hair limp

Follow these tips to keep your monsoon skin and hair worries at bay! Stay Beautiful, Stay Happy!

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