Monsoon care for your little ones can be a little tricky. You know, in summers; we need to keep them cool and refreshed. Just keep them hydrated and dress them up in cotton, and you're sorted! Similarly, during winters, we know that we need to keep them warm, and keep them well dressed in woolen clothes, and you're done.

But when it comes to monsoons, you may need a little guidance on how to take care of your children during this season.

Frequent hand washing is the single most important step in preventing spread of Infection.

Avoid sudden change in temperature , as it can lead to Viral infections like cough and cold. eg. children many a time after playing outdoor, all in sweat, come inside and sit directly in front of AC and drink cold water.

Monsoon season means that there's going to humidity and dampness in the air, and as a result an increase in chances of Skin infections (Bacterial as well as fungal infections). So you need to take care of your baby while keeping in mind these two points. So, of course, bathing them regularly, that too with a mild antiseptic soap is of utmost importance. And at the same time, keeping them dry is also necessary as babies sweat frequently during the humid weather of monsoon. So you can keep wiping them and use a nice talcum powder to keep their skin dry.

Monsoons also leads to a lot of water borne diseases. In such a scenario, make sure that you give your baby clean germ free water ; either by boiling the water or give RO water from your purifier. In fact even while giving them formula milk or supplements, make sure to prepare them with boiled water. Keeping them away from mosquito and other insects is also very important as a lot of insects and mosquitoes breed in monsoons due to the dirty rain water.

Dress your babies in light material, yet in full sleeved clothes. Also use mosquito repellents and nets to keep your baby safe from mosquitoes and insect bites. You can always check with your pediatrician for any special vaccinations required for the baby during monsoons (eg. consider annual FLU vaccine). And because a baby's immunity is weaker than ours, it's advisable not to take them out for long duration during the rainy season. And needless to say, keep them away from people who have cold or flu. Keeping overall cleanliness in your house and surroundings is also very important to keep yourself and your baby fit and fine during the rainy season.

Remember " Healthy Kids, Happy Family"