Thanks to the significant advances in dentistry & advanced training, dentists are able to offer patients a wide range of professional prosthodontic treatment procedures. These services may include:

  1. Complete dentures: A total loss of teeth may present some very special problems. Some of the more frequent problems are:

  • Extreme loss of the underlying bone
  • Loss of facial tissue support
  • Inability to chew food properly
  • Pain or dysfunction of the jaws or joints
  • Difficulty in psychologically adapting to artificial teeth
  • Difficulties in getting artificial teeth to fit or function comfortably

     2.   Removable and Fixed partial dentures: The partial loss of teeth may be treated by fixed restorations(bridges) which are cemented to the remaining teeth, or by fabrication of partial dentures that are readily removable. The decision as to which is preferred or necessary is dependent on several important factors that must be carefully examined. Some of these factors are :

  • Bone support of remaining teeth
  • Condition of the remaining teeth
  • The way in which the teeth function
  • The overall general health of the patient